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Diabetes… yep, its in the cards. and a crap load of glucose issues

Posted Jan 11 2010 7:45pm

I am not self diagnosing myself here but both me and my doctor and a nurse of mine and a lot of people think type 1 Diabetes might be in the cards for me. Yesterday night I had a “Hyperglycemic Attack” In diabetes thats when blood sugar goes too high. Anywho here is the crisis report for that one. Medical nerds only beyond this line… Kidding, but it’s not exactly plain english either!


A blood sugar crisis was spotted and intervened at approximately 6 PM. At 6 PM noticable increases in CO2 retention up to 47 torr/mmhg were recorded with a breath rate of approximately 30 (20 set on the ventilator + 10 manually triggered) heart rate was sinus tachycardic with peaks at 130, not lasting longer than a few seconds. Oxygen saturation and blood pressure stayed within normal limits throughout. At 6:16 PM a blood sugar test was obtained with the above symptoms being the trigger for an emergency test series, 127 mg/dL indicating slight hyperglycemic crisis. Intervention was produced initially with gatorade and walnuts. After 30 minutes a retest was done at 6:46 and blood sugar was at 133 mg/dL. between those tests the Gatorade was replaced with FUZE (an extremely low sugar and low carb diet drink) as the gatorade was found to be high in sugars. At 7:16 after consumption of approximately 1/3rd bag of walnuts and a full bottle of FUZE blood sugar was restored to 98 mg/dL After blood sugar dropped other vital signs normalized by 8:45 PM

Blood sugar was normal at the “bedtime” reading at 9:02 PM at 102 mg/dL.

Tonight I Had another slight crisis hitting 117 and reversing it quickly with lots of Walnuts and sugar free soda to get it down, went down to 84. Good.

I am going to be probably getting a lot more strips per month to allow the expanded testing needs.

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