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Depression and Multiple Sclerosis - MS and Depression - Mental Health Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Posted Aug 25 2008 9:07pm 6 Comments

This article is a general overview of depression as it relates to multiple sclerosis Link: Depression and Multiple Sclerosis - MS and Depression - Mental Health Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis .

Depression and multiple sclerosis have a complicated relationship, since one can aggravate the other. Also, depression has many of the same symptoms as MS, making it hard to tell which disorder is to blame.

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It's hard to keep a positive attitude with M S when all about you is pushing away.

I'm 58 years old. I live on a small income, enough to pay utilities, health insurance, one prescription and some groceries.

SSA refused to grant disability assistance, saying I needed 3 more credits to qualify.  If I could work I wouldn't need their help.

Health Insuance companies keep canceling my policies. My present health insurance company charges 2000.00 a month for the premium. My copaxone is 1200.00 a month. All tests and labs must be paid out of pocket first, which means no tests for the last 4 years. While doctors understand my predicament, they must do tests. I'm so disappointed that the medicare for all did not pass.

My daughter thinks my MS was passed to her son and caused him to develope autism.  I hope this is not true. She is angry and has distanced herself from me. 

My MS is a progressive MS. I worry how bad it will become. I'm discouraged that no cure is available. 

I'm discouraged but not depressed. I accept what is and will deal with it as it comes..

hi Jags i  too have MS , the chronic form coupled with fibromyalgia. I live in uk & dont wanna discourage you but as you are all too aware there is no real help here in england. I just take Gabapentin (Neurontin) for pain as thats all i can have, no injections or MS or modifying treatment at all just because i  dont have primary or secondary,,which i am thankful in a way ;-). Yes your right DISCOURAGED! is the word not depressed which people read wrong. Bless em they don't know but we do, thats the key issue as we only know what others cannot see. Just keep on living your dreams no matter how hard , thats all we can do


Hello Bambz, Thank you for your comments. I'm so sorry you have MS and fibromyalgia, my heart goes out to you. No one can relate to us because we don't look ill. Keeping a positive attitude is a must for our well being. Take care and let me know how you are doing. Jags

Hi Jags,

There is no corelation between MS and Autism. My brother and half sister both have MS, my brother's is now severe, and I have Tarlov, an extremely rare nerve sheath disease, that compresses the spinal nerves.  We don't understand why all 3 of us have to have this. My brother earned an Masters Degree in Areospace, when they found out he had MS they deleted him from the company. My half sister is now a Doctor, and learned her problems were from MS, and myself I was a nurse. 

Each state has a high risk insurance, made available with No pre-existing clauses, those policies range from $550 - $750 per month. Just google the state you live in and high risk insurance, this would be alot less per month then what your paying. The 3 credits you need for SSA, please obtain from the Social Security office, the print out their suppose to send to you each year, showing the amount you earned, the amount of $ you paid into the system each year, you may find an error, of one company years ago who didn't report the amount they with held from your check, or the amount for that entire year, that employer did not report it, and this is actually so easy to fix. You could ask the Social Security, to please re-check past employers and may find the 3 credits you need. Perhaps a good Social Security Lawyer like Binder and Binder who doesn't get paid till you win, maybe they will be able to find a way, you would be allowed the SSA. Needing just 3 credits, advice from a social security attorney I think may help you.

Autism is NOT connected what so ever to MS. The Amish people do not have autism cases, they don't allow injections to their children. It's Not your fault he has Autism, and it's not your fault you have MS. Please go to   and insert Autism and Amish or Autism and injections.


Hi Teal blue,

Very strange that you have nerve damage and your brother and half sister have MS. How can this happen to one family? Maybe someday we will have answers. I'll look into the SSA and insurance.  The information on Autism, Amish and injections was very enlightening, thank you. I'm so glad I didn't make my grandson sick. Wish the very best for you and your family, Jags


Hi to all. I'm new to this website and to MS. Currently on Copaxone, but think it's causing alot of additional problems, so I seem to skip injections off and on. Seems I've hit the road of discouragement. If possible can anyone let me know how to read or find how to pull up responses when you write on whiteboard after logging in? Hopefully if anyone responses to this post I can pull it up. Take care to all
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