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Daring to Become a Doctor

Posted Mar 17 2010 4:34pm
ill I did it. I'm so proud of myself. I registered for my first class on my way to becoming a doctor. The class, with a daunting name, is taught by one of the professors who first oriented me into the pre-medicine program, and he and I have already started corresponding in terms of accommodations for the lab portions of the course. The nice thing about having such specialized and specific coursework is that there are only a few teachers who teach the courses, and they just rotate.

Despite being in exorbitant amounts of pain for the last two days, my fire is still flaming. However, I do feel like the word "dare" shows itself more often than not these days. Next week is Spring Break, and it is also the week for the southeastern region American Music Therapy Association conference in Orlando. Until now, I had plans to go, and then yesterday hit me hard. I woke up, my pillow drenched in tears and my face sticky, in throbbing back and knee pain. As I was lying in bed, I couldn't feel my knees or legs. It hit me. I knew.

I knew that I'd been wrestling with issues of "naysayers" and going to medical school and being a music therapist. And this was the last match of test. Missing one choir rehearsal isn't going to stop me!

It's moments like these when I realize the true power of will, determination, and strength. I know that I know that I know it is okay to struggle, it's okay to cry, and more importantly, it's even okay to shed tears. It's just what you decide to do with those tears once they are shed. How will they evolve? Will they turn to defeat? Will they turn to motivation? Will they turn to a greater passion for things previously established?

Embarking on the journey to become a doctor s actually coming easy for me. There's no doubt that it's a leap of faith in many aspects, but it's a leap of faith into an undying passion. Therefore, my friends, I'm daring to become a doctor!
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