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Costco Headache, Headrest Headache, and a new Oreck ProShield Air Purifier

Posted Mar 29 2012 12:00am

Two days ago we went to Costco and bought me something… But it turned out to be a real headache

Ugh, if you ever go shopping at Costco do yourself a favor, do it on and use a major credit card without hassle. Or you can go in the store and apply for an American Express, or Costco credit line, because they don’t take anything but American Express or Costco Credit Line. Talk about one way to drive potential customers away. Sure they’ll take a debit card from any bank, even if it’s Offshore Tax Hidey Hole Bank Sweden. But, as far as a freaking domestic plain ol’ plastic Credit Card, nope, no go. What gives Costco!!! Money is money!!! Fine you don’t want my money, take my dads just because his is a debit card! Talk about prejudiced against credit cards!!!

The part that broke… and is fixed now

The part that broke… and is fixed now

On top of the whole Costco headache I heard a clank, clank, clank, clank as we were driving home and saw bolts falling off my wheelchair!!! I was like what the hell!!! I immediately told dad and thanks to my phones ‘torch’ mode on its LED flash I was able to use it as a flashlight, it’s not the first time the four piece orbit ball on my headrest came out due to a screw coming way too loose but hey, good thing is I found the original screw that came with the headrest which holds a lot better than my dads jimmy rig screw. Hey I am thankful for the jimmy rig screw though! But glad to have my headrest all back in one piece. Those orbit balls are where I insert the headrest laterals for when I want to use them. Thankfully it is fixed now and hopefully will stay fixed.

At work

At work

Finally the part of things that is not a headache. I got an Oreck ProShield Air Purifier for my room, I first trialed my Mom & Dads unit before I made the plunge from my Assistive Tech / Medical Funds. I cannot believe how much this piece of equipment has changed things for me, and our family. I do not suction much anymore and I can remain on my trach cap nearly all day because the air is allergen, bacteria, virus, and dust free. This is a wonderful machine!!! Click for pictures above or watch the video below, unfortunately it is not HD because I am having problems with my HD video software, so it’s standard 480p like what you get on regular TV.

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