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Community College

Posted Jan 11 2010 6:54am
Normally I am a huge fan of community colleges. I believe they provide an affordable alternative and a basic foundation to academia. Let's face it, a basic English class transfers to any university and is much cheaper at a community college.

That being said, check out some of the community learning courses offered at CCAC here in the Pittsburgh area. Two of my favorites are:

Angels in Waiting
Learn how to open your heart to the angelic kingdom and
experience the love and joy of being held in their loving
light. Learn simple techniques to access these divine beings
so that they may assist you in every aspect of your life.
North Campus YEB-067-1450 $19 1 Session
9:00AM–11:30AM S 10/17/09 Troup

new! Ghosts Are Real
Join us in this fascinating guide to ghosts and their
behavior. Original insights and true stories gathered from
over 27 years of work and study along with in-depth
explanations of different kinds of ghosts, entities and
other paranormal phenomena will be presented by
experienced investigators in the paranormal field.
Ghost-hunting tips will describe how to conduct a ghost
interview, create an environment that attracts spirits and
capture evidence of ghosts using both traditional tools
and new technology. A field trip to a documented
haunted site will allow the students to investigate by using
the information gained in this class. Students must be 18
or older to register.
South Campus YDC-075-1540 $59 5 Sessions
7:00PM–9:00PM W 9/16/09 Kirk

Believe me, there are others ..... I cannot believe some of the course listings. I really need to submit a course plan and become an instructor. Any suggestions for course material ? Let's make up something really outrageous and send it in. Something along the lines of:

Enhance Your Mental Ability
Learn how to control people and animals using only your mind. Unleash your inner awesomeness and flood your mind with positive energy. Get everything you ever want in three easy lessons. One mandatory field trip will be necessary to complete the course..... Cost $7.77
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