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BREAKING: Wheelchair Sale and Bad Dealers, trach countdown, new laptop coming, Emily’s birthday pics & a video, HEIL Unbox

Posted Mar 18 2013 12:00am

Wow, it took a long time for me to do this blog post. Nearly 4 weeks to do it! I don’t want to hear any tl:dr (too long didn’t read) the majority of this blog post beside the breaking news is videos! Not to mention the fact I have not blogged since… HOLY CRAP

And it only gets worse, the SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan) Thursday and Friday, I usually do NOT put new stuff at the beginning of a blog post, usually it’s in proper chronological order. But this is breaking news.

Wheelchair for sale

Wheelchair for sale

Some of you might know I lent a large amount of my donated money to a friend of mine to get a wheelchair. I got real uncomfortable with how long it would have taken to get the money paid back so I asked to have the wheelchair returned to me. It is now listed both on eBay and Craigslist (links) I need someone to buy this chair. That chair was donated money and I need to put that money back in its rightful place.

Now more crap hitting the fan. My wheelchair cannot get serviced now because the dealer will not service any chair they didn’t buy, what sucks is this is policy of just about all dealers I have ever dealt with. Take a look at the letter I got on Thursday in my E-Mail, for privacy I have truncated all names.

“From: *truncated*
Subject: Service and Modifications to your wheelchair
Date: March 14, 2013 10:53:14 AM CDT
To: me

Good Morning Alin,

I wanted to write to inform you that we are not going to be able to service or provide any modifications to your chair. We have made an internal business decision regarding repairing chairs that were not provided by us. We are concentrating our efforts to service the patients that we have provided chairs for only.  You will need to find another provider for any service or modifications that your chair may require.

Here are some local vendors:

*truncated, cause all these vendors I already frikken tried!*

*truncated* | CSR”

Not good news at all, my wheelchair is pretty much an outmode now. Only three short years and already outmoded, I think it might lead up to having to ring up a new chair on Medicare. Ugh,

// ]]>And as always, trach countdown. Above.

And the Apple lemon law has kicked in on this MacBook Pro that I am typing this blog post on right now! It is breaking down again showing signs of logic board and power control board and hard disk failure. This would make the second HUGE repair along with about 5 other smaller repairs. Apple decided to side with me and hit the ITS A LEMON switch. I have a 2.5 year old laptop that is my backup 13" MacBook Pro and it has never seen the lights of an operating room, I mean repair area at the Apple Store much less the depot, touch wood. A friend of mine has a 3 year old MacBook Pro and his has never been repaired but has been dropped many times. So this is definitely a LemonBook Pro. I am getting a NEW maxed out Retina MacBook Pro, I had to take 800 dollars out of the Assistive Tech funds to cover it but that's what that money is for. I will have unboxing photos and video! Thank you donors. I always need donations to the dedicated funds though, so far none of the dedicated funds have had any donations. Click here to go to the fundraising panel.

My lead apron a.k.a Emily. As you might know I have a love for certain special objects, to learn more about this type of setup my mind has click here

Anyway Emily is 4 years old as of February 25th but her actual date of birth was the 20th.

Emilys card

Emilys card

Some of you may have seen an older unboxing video showing me gettting her on and stuff well I made a newer better video that is HD. That video is below. Above this line of text is her bday card.

Heil on my head

Heil on my head

And also I got a wicked new headset shown above, it's a Heil Traveler Single Side, this is a professional broadcast headset and they mean it. This thing feels far from cheap! Take a gander at the HEIL-Lishly funny unboxing video below

I had some nasty Nascar Fun with Shawn my buddy on the 28th of Feb and th 4th of this month. But right after he came I got a nasty cold and I have been sick with that and I am finally getting over that. Still very slow and that explains kind of why I have not been blogging like I usually do

So heres all the Nascar videos.

And as blogged a while back, in fact all the way the hell back February 13th  I went bowling with my friend shawn. We took a lot of funny stupid videos and I bring all of them to you here now. It took me a long time to get all this stuff done.

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