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Bodypoint Commercial, Bodypoint User Story & Ham radio pictures coming soon. Passed the ham test.

Posted Apr 08 2013 12:00am

Well I made a commerical for Bodypoint, the company that makes all my straps! I love my straps and I also love Bodypoint and the people there so I decided to make a commercial for them. Cause I find making advertisements to be fun especially for products I enjoy. I find it to be a interesting and challenging experiment to make things interesting to the average person.

So now I show you my Bodypoint commercial.

I had a lot of fun making this commercial and Ashley B. over at Bodypoint has sent it to all the other employees. It’s an APB! Not an All Police Bulletin, All Personnel Bulletin at this point.

Remember my old Bodypoint User Story video that described and showed me with all my gear explaining how it works? Well I made a second edition that I think is better. I might have to re-make it to not include the competitor harnesses so that it can be included on the Bodypoint website but here is the full uncut version. If I have to re-make I probably will just make a ‘cut’ version for the website.

I got some nice ham radio equipment on the cheap, a refurbished Kenwood TM-V71A mobile radio is on my wheelchair and I have a Kenwood TS-480-SAT HF transciever sitting in the box waiting to be unboxed. The mobile radio is designed for communicating around the northern half of my state, and with the aid of a machine at the border of the state into bordering states. this machine is called a repeater. people talk through them and they simply repeat the signal across again to double the range of the radio. The HF transciever is for global communication without the aid of anything but a huge antenna outside. My dad will with the aid of another guy install it.

The unboxing photos will be out soon.

There are no unboxing videos since there were a lot of audio issues, my audio kept cutting out and interrupting the recording and the video would be over 2 hours long because of the amount of gear I got for so cheap!

The mobile radio is mounted on my wheelchair.

The big HF transciever is going to be underneath my bed with the control unit nearby me.

Expect photos in the next week or so of the radios. Antenna will take a while to get installed.

On Saturday I took the Ham Radio test and passed and I was awarded my first Ham Radio license. I will be getting on the ham waves in 7-10 days like a credit card.

Dad tried after 65 minutes of study and got test #xxx65 and he’s not a Ham yet… instead he says “Your the Ham, I’m a 65″

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