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Posted Jun 01 2009 12:00am

Check out the wonderful families and organizations who have devoted their blogs to being interesting stories and informational resources that we may enjoy! If you have any suggestions as to what to add, please fill out the form located at the bottom of this page!

Families of Children with Special Needs

Linkert Blog – Follow the adventures of Maeve and Cecelia and their father George who is a stay-at-home dad and daycare provider.

Cornish Adoption Journey - The life of this family is nothing short of amazing. Follow this mom, Meredith, as she seeks to raise her children with extra challenges in a loving, Christian environment.

A Step Down Our Path – This family, as with many families of children with special needs, has an interesting story and has already led a life full of surprises.

Adopting Amanda – Our Journey to Estonia – This precious little girl is a ray of sunshine. Follow her and her family as they make new discoveries to help her along the way!

Ainsley Rae – Ainsley is a trooper. Her story is incredible, and her mother does an incredible job chronicling it so that others may use it as a resource. They also have a Youtube channel that may be found here.

Country Living the Urban Way – Follow the journey of Charissa and her family as they strive to raise their beautiful children in a loving environment.

Dawson Family – The Dawson Family is special. Follow along on their every day journey and catch a glimpse of what it means to be a tender-hearted family.

Dylan Update – This blog contains stories told by Dylan, a lively, chromosomally enhanced preschooler. He tells stories of the adventures he and his brother Jonah and his mommy have together. Get ready for a wild ride!

Embracing Life as Household 6 – Follow the journey of this military family who has had an addition by adoption…twice. They adopted two little boys who are chromosomally enhanced and adorable. You’re sure to need tissues for some of their stories.

Eva Claire’s Sunny Days – Follow this vibrant, vivacious little girl through her daily life. What an inspiration Eva Claire has been!

From the Trenches of Adoption – Follow this family as they discover what a blessing adoption will be!

Gabi's World - Follow this amazing little girl, her mom, and the rest of their family as they strive to create a fun, loving home environment.

Hidden Treasures – This family is constantly on the search to find gold with their precious children! Check them out to see what their next finding might be!

Hopfenspirger’s Adoption Journey – Follow along on the exciting journey of this family as they raise their newly adopted children!

John Paul’s World – This precious little boy was adopted by a wonderful family. Follow along to see what kind of amazing discoveries he has been making.

Life with Bubba, Chicky, and Nika – This family handles raising three young children with such an elegance and grace about them. Follow along to explore the exciting adventures of their daily life together!

Life with My Special Ks – Oh, what a joy the Garcia family will be to your blog readers! Renee does an excellent job chronicling her life as a mother to Kassidy, Kameron, Kennedy, and Keeghan!

Love 4 Our Boys – This family has adopted! Follow their exciting life in a house FULL of boys!

Nathan’s World – Follow this precious little boy, Nate, his little brother Owen, and his parents, Trey and Jen, as they fight the fierce battle of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. You would never know it by their shining dispositions!

Newbold Family’s Adoption Journey – This is the blog of John Paul’s parents. Here, they also chronicle life raising John Paul’s new little sister, Dasha!

Nobody but Yourself - Heather is the stay-at-home mom of her daughter, "Kiddo," whom she adopted. "Kiddo" also happens to have sensory processing disorder (SPD). This SAHM was also in the vocational rehabilitation industry prior to adoption.

One Interesting Journey – Follow Lou and her family as she is the mother to several of our special children who have been adopted from various corners of the globe. What courage she has!

Our Version of Normal – Liz bravely takes on the task of parenting many children with and without special needs. She’s sure to have all the advice you would need!

Smiles & Trials – Christine is one of the most dedicated mothers you will find. A mom to 11, she is sure to have her struggles but is always optimistic as to what will happen next. She is also chronicling her family’s journey to once again add to their family. They will be adding Aleksey to the family in a short while, and you can read about the journey over at Smiling All the Way Back.

Spahr’s Big Top – Follow this amazing journey of this adorable family as they raise their little ones!

The Keno Family’s Adoption Journey – Be prepared to be inspired as you follow this dear family on their exciting adoption journey!

The Loux Family – Follow the ever-changing story of this inspiring family!

Wild Angels – This mother is one brave, passionate soul! Follow Shawnie as she is the mom to four beautiful children who are all enhanced with an extra chromosome!

Updates from Charley’s Mom – Follow the life of Charley, a little boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and his mother who founded Charley’s Fund, an organization aimed at finding a cure for the deadly disease.

Education Blogs

Your Mama’s Mad Tedious: Diary of a Special Ed Teacher – This fabulous teacher shares her stories of being an educator to our special little ones in the Bronx.

The Life That Chose Me – Follow the everyday journey of a special education teacher from Georgia who teaches students with severe disabilities. Dan’s entries are informational, educational, and inspiring!

Teachergirl – Follow teachergirl, a fifth grade teacher who has issues with “big state tests” and enjoys raising her children “PrepGirl” and “BrownBear.” She’s also married to “LawyerBoy.”

ms_teacher – A middle school teacher whose fun never ends! Follow her on her ever-changing journey to educate children.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy – Follow this “man of many hats” as he educates our special children.

Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs - This special education teacher keeps up-to-date with the latest assistive technology that will help our children. What strong words of wisdom Kate provides!

A Few of My Favorites

Darius Goes West – Follow the travels of Darius Weems and friends as they journey around the country raising awareness for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and showcasing their award-winning documentary.

Little Silvestri Boy – The adventures of Malak and his family will bring tears to your eyes. The content of this blog is precious.

Kenward Blog – Join Chris and Kim as they parent Emma and Josie. Josie was adopted from China. What a precious family!

Meet the Faulkners – Margo and Clayton have an adorable son, Deacon from Ethiopia and are currently in the process of adopting Baby #2. Follow them on their exciting journey of adoption, earning advanced degrees, and being the best parents ever!

Our Hearts’ Desire – The beautiful Fleming family always has a story to share and a picture or two. Be prepared for your heart to melt as you see photos of this adorable family and their precious children!

Reece’s Rainbow – RR is an organization that sponsors the adoption of children with Down Syndrome and other special needs worldwide. Follow their blog to get the latest statistics on how many children we are saving from institutions!

Seeking God’s Heart in Liberia – My dear friend, Ashley, is serving with Orphan Relief and Rescue in Liberia. Follow her on her inspiring journey to providr adequate care for these precious children!

The Journey – Katie is a young mother and ministry leader to many children in Africa. Be inspired by her journey and her accomplishments!

Whatever I want it to be… - Follow Julie and Roy as they raise their two beautiful Chinese angels, Kenzie and Jia. Enjoy the girls discovering themselves as ballerinas!

Dan Drinker's Blog - Dan, a young man with Down Syndrome, and his brother, Will, are filming a documentary about Dan's life. Take a peek inside the life of this amazing young man and view the scenes on their Youtube page.

Nick Dupree's Blog - Follow this extraordinary man to find out about many prevalent issues in the disability community, as well as what it's like to be institutionalized due to the fact that services were unable to be obtained.

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