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Birthday day 7? Latex repair kit and my laptop comes back from repairs! Nathan got my package

Posted Aug 15 2009 11:04pm
all of the stuff on my bed to repair latex from Latexa

all of the stuff on my bed to repair latex from Latexa

Yesterday I got a box in the mail from someone in florida. I opened it up and voila! I got a Latexa Latex clothing repair kit, how useful is that! Thats very useful in the event I get a hole or tear in my shirt or pants. Very nice gift I got. Interesting enough the tube of adhesive inside is written in German. Everything outside is english, German product, interesting!

Hey, it looks like a new mac!

Hey, it looks like a new mac!

Yesterday we also went back to CDW to pick up my beloved MacBook Pro with a new CD Drive, Keyboard, Mouse, and internal cleaning! Awesome service indeed! They gave me Healthcare class service as a favor to me and sped my machine through the process. It took 3 days to receive the parts so the machine was not sitting around too long doing nothing. I have been busy preparing for “The big clone” Where I clone everything from my external drive back to the internal drive. Thus why this blog post is a whole day late!

In other news Nathan and his family received our package containing a DVD a Photo Disk and a bunch of my contact cards along with a special greeting card thing that I made in the computer. They all loved it!

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