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Birthday day 5? Donations Gifts and Visits page goes permanent, lunch to be Wednesday, radio fixes

Posted Aug 10 2009 11:02pm
DGVA (Donations, Gifts, Visits, Authorization) Page

DGVA (Donations, Gifts, Visits, Authorization) Page

The old My Birthday page is gone and has been replaced with the new Donations Gifts and Visits (DGV) 2nd generation page. The response to the My Birthday visit was rather calm although I decided it would be beneficial and non detrimental to make the page a permanent page on the site. So today I spent a half hour on the computer editing and tweaking it to sound correct. For Christmas and other holidays of specialty the page will be adorned with a countdown clock. That doesn’t mean you can only come during holidays and my Birthday or send stuff at those times, in fact I encourage you to send and or visit at other times as those times are usually harder to schedule in!

We will be going for my birthday lunch on Wednesday, the weather keeps screwing us over for dinners and stuff.

Tonight me and dad went out and into the van to do more work on the radio, some of our tasks were wiring in iPod connectivity and using a cable long enough so I can DJ from the back of the van. Another task was programming all of the stations on the 4 bands of the radio (FM 1-3 and AM) We completed all of the tasks in nearly two hours, it would have been much less if it weren’t for us monking with things. Though the monking with things helped us a lot as we found the sound was incorrect and we found out that our cars front speakers are slightly overpowered compared to the rears so we balanced it out using the DSP on the radio and setting it to R-5 which means more power is pushed in back and a little less up front. It took a good 30 minutes of monkying with the DSP to get it perfect but god the sound system in the car sounds better than the one in the house now!

Heres to hoping the car does not soon become our living room, :lol:

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