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Best Breed for a Service Dog

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:39pm
I was recently asked what the best breed of dog makes the best service dog. If you asked this question to five different people you are sure to get five different answers. I have friends that have Labrador retrievers, Labrador retriever and golden retriever mix, golden retrievers, German shepherds and poodles as service dogs. Each of these individuals would not trade their dog for any other.

But since this is my own individual soapbox here is my opinion. I think Labrador retrievers make the best service dog. In my opinion it's the natural retrieving instinct and the work ethic these dogs possess that make them natural service dogs. Labradors also have a fantastic temperament and the ability to interact with small children as well as adults. Even though labradors have a strong work ethic they can also be calm. Having the ability to lay quietly is very important for a good service dog. There are often times when Nala must lay beside me for extended periods (one to two hours).

Everyone has their own opinion about what makes a great dog. What are some of your opinions?
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