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Behind the scenes: Sleeping in 8 layers

Posted May 28 2009 11:43pm
Me in my lead apron with 7 layers beneath

Me in my lead apron with 7 layers beneath

It is quite rare that I usually take you guys behind the scenes into how I sleep. However this is one of those rare times. As you can see from the image caption above, “me in my lead apron with seven layers beneath” I have eight layers of clothing on in total.

You are probably thinking I am absolutely nuts. But in fact I will explain something here. As some of you may know I am diagnosed with autism, and for those of you who don’t know what this post to be your informing guide.

Autism mainly affects my sensory processing, but it also affects me socially pretty severely. But this post is going to focus mainly on sensory processing and what happened last night.

Last night around one o’clock in the morning, I had finished all of my business on the computer and felt that “accomplished” feeling, thus I had no interest in continuing on the computer.

What does a bored autistic with severe sensory integration disorder do at one o’clock in the morning when they can’t sleep but want to relax and go to sleep.

A normal person will just lay in bed wait about 15 minutes and fall asleep. For someone with autism and also other sleep disorders it is much more complex.

For me to sleep I need three things, I need it to be dark and quiet in my room. I need it to be cool, in air temperature. And I need pressure and warmth on my body, sometimes I need that pressure and warmth to be very intense.

Last night I was in that real autistic sensory exploration mode and also since a friend of mine mentioned that layering many layers of clothing is good deep pressure and high heat I decided to try it out, although I took it to a high level.

I started by trying on two polyester silky shirts and then my Neoprene shirt, that felt good and tight and warm but I wanted more!

So I took it all off and I started with my Neoprene shirt on inside out, which is much hotter, sweatier, and stickier feeling that wearing it the “right” way.

Then I put on a Polyester stretch turtleneck, I love the high collar on these since to my neck the material is a “Known” material and a lot of materials are “Uknown” and cause spasms in my neck due to my sensory disorder.

After the Polyester stretch I put on two silky Polyester shirts, non turtle necks, one long and one short sleeve.

In addition to that I put on my promo T-Shirt to warm things up even more.

I was already starting to feel very warm at this stage but still wanted more more and more, my autism just kept telling me to keep going and so I did.

I added my blue Rubberized Nylon raincoat which is very warm and then added a White Sox jersey button up shirt thing.

There was one cold spot I had, my hands, so I looked up on my shelves and came across some latex gloves and figured, what the heck I’ll experiment here, I put them on and then my Neoprene gloves over them.

The ultimate topping off occurred when I wrapped myself up in my 30 pound lead apron / lead body wrap and shortly after that, fell asleep.

I woke up very early today in comparison to others for two reasons, one because I had such a restful night of sleep and also because of today’s G.I appointment as overviewed in the previous post.

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