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Behind The Scenes: A close shave and a tight belting

Posted Jun 07 2009 11:26pm
Me shaven and belted nice and tight

Me shaven and belted nice and tight

Today we Finally got out the shaver and cut my hair, which was great because it was growing into my ears and beginning to constantly be annoying and make my ears feel weird, so my head is a happy head now that it has shaved hair. I also held the handheld mirror close and shaved my face very meticulously, but even more meticulously shaven was my belly, especially around my G-Tube and Baclofen pump as they don’t like hair. I even shaved my armpits on a tip from a friend that they sweat and stink less when there is less hair there, time to put the tip to the test! Anyways shaving with a disability is hard enough, but shaving with a crappy shaver is hard, which is why I suggest Forfex’s mini surgical grade clipper, their shavers are the same shavers my hospital uses in the O.R for surgical prep! While mentioned for “Haircare” on their website the blade is made of surgical steel and the entire unit is splash resistant and the blades can be autoclaved if needed. After I did my shave and bath I was in that blah mood so I decided to belt up again for a little up in my day and it definitely helps, right now as I type this post I have the black one on my chest and the brown one on my neck, as you will see in the photo set.

Thanks to whoever invented leather belts, where would we be without the guy, or woman.

Click the picture above to see more (warning: you do see a shaven armpit in one of the images… whateva)

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