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Bang Head Here: Upgrading my BlackBerry

Posted Jun 12 2009 11:20pm
Bang BlackBerry Here Pad

Bang BlackBerry Here Pad

After nearly 4 hours of slaving over my BlackBerry storm to get software onto it. I ended up having to DELETE Microsoft Word Mobile Edition, Microsoft Excel Mobile Edition, Microsoft Powerpoint Mobile Edition. All of which I don’t really care about and won’t reinstall after the upgrade. But what pisses me off is I had to delete Google Talk, which I use to talk to some of my open source geeks who have to use a account to stick to their “religion” of open source software. And then I had to delete Youtube which I like having there for a reason, hmm , boredom, Youtube, it’s a real help. And then the major piss off of all time was that I had to delete Visual Voicemail, a piece of software that Verizon themselves provides for the BlackBerry storm for it to have enough room to complete the upgrade. Approximately 1-2 hours of this slaving was spent fighting “You need to clear 1.5 MB of space for the upgrade to continue” “You need to clear 875 KB of space for the upgrade to continue” “You need to clear 843 KB of space for the upgrade to continue” The increments annoyingly getting smaller and smaller. I was seriously close to taking out a notepad, drawing the above stated things on it, and banging my BlackBerry atop the pad. But low and behold after a $@&* load of deleting stuff it finally FREAKING WORKED. Since it is 11:30 PM here right now and my BlackBerry will be spending the next 2 hours upgrading it’s self I can’t really give my opinion on the new software, though other people are really clamoring over it. InformationWeek Of course with all types of gadgetry that I review, I will make sure to have my full opinion on the new software tomorrow.

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