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Bad sleep? Blame the Geomagnetic Storm! Mac Attack = Heart Attack

Posted Nov 28 2010 12:00am

Solar Geomagnetic Storm

Solar Geomagnetic Storm

Shown above are STEREO images from the NASA STEREO satellite. These images are not brand new but they show what was going on since the 24th or so. The worst peak of the storm was apparently last night or the 26th-27th bridge. My computer was acting up, acting like it’s hard drive had faults, the file system was a mess! My humidifier on my ventilator was randomly alarming even though all of the things to do to make sure it does not go off were there, meaning have it filled with water have a clean sensor set on it and all. My ventilator was throwing some wicked weird alarms, some I have never ever seen outside of the manual “HW Fault” was one and no I didn’t touch the little fan in the top. What a wicked weird night. One of my friends reported to me that their power voltage measurements went from 120 V/AC to 145V/AC and resulted in him needing to shut down power to his house on an emergency basis. His name is rcm442 and no further identity will be given per his request. Heres a quotation from him.

“rcm442: Found this

rcm442: Day two (28 November) is expected to be quiet with a slight chance for isolated unsettled periods due to the CME observed on 24 November becoming geo-effective. Conditions are expected to return to quiet levels on day three (29 November).”

Well I sure look forward to the 29th when it quiets down and there is no more geomagnetic disruption, it’s disrupting my sleep severely! However tonight and bridging into the 28th its supposed to quiet down too so hopefully I shall sleep relatively better today!

Listening to the Hard Drive...

Listening to the Hard Drive...

With this disruption came a “Mac Attack” I went off to work on the other computer, came back to my mac 20 minutes later and noticed the clock was STOPPED at 1:05 AM when I came back at 1:20 AM. I was like crap.. I rebooted and it wouldn’t start up so I booted up with the restore disks and ran disk repair, for some reason the file system went crazy due to the geomagnetic storm or something! it’s all fixed now but I was sitting like above with my Littmann on the hard drive listening to it. My anxiety went through the ROOF for several hours because I thought the CD drive spinning down and respinning repeatedly was the hard drive, but upon examining the hard disks SMART status there were no re-spin attempts which there should be if the drive did re-spin its self. Either way I HATE CDS because they generate NOISE when your trying to listen, so I copied the restore image to a hard disk that is external so that I can restore and have silence and listen to the hard drive to see if there is a hardware problem when I don’t have access to smartmontools (SMART Monitoring Tools) So feel free to laugh at me in the few photos I took. Medically this is no laughing matter as the anxiety it generated sent me into a good episode of high end tachycardia around 140 bpm for about 1 hour, that is borderline inappropriate sinus tachycardia (IST) for me. Thankfully it terminated on its own. Anxiety does NOT do good for me!

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