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Baclofen pump refill + CODE GREEN (Utility Failure)

Posted Jul 07 2010 12:00am

Today I got my Baclofen pump refilled which was a easy thing, the usual go in get the belly pricked once, draw out the old Baclofen put in the new stuff blah blah blah come home. But today was interesting, I came in on the EXACT DAY that my Low Reservoir alarm would go off, which means after today I would have 2 days before it is EMPTY! Wow! And they had me scheduled for the 26th, pffth! I’d be in an ambulance on stroke alert by then.

But what really sucks is that our air conditioning is on the blink! The house temperature right now is 80 (as of morning) degrees which is way too hot for me to do much! Ugh, and I get dehydrated so easily. Edwin our guy from Air-Pride came out to fix it, SAME DAY as the phone call was placed! So this is really good news, He came and found our A/C compressor fan was completely CLOGGED with some sort of debris from trees and stuff and so he cleaned it, he said we were lucky that it didn’t blow. It’s gonna take a day or two for the temperatures to equalize in the house. It’s much better in my room now at 75 degrees. (as of posting)

But now for an interesting Public Balofen Pump Announcement, Baclofen Pump Alarms… Psst, if your a PSA nurse and you work on my case, you dang well listen to this video as it might save my ass and your ass.

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