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ATIA, AWESOME Success. DVDs now FOR SALE. Countdown to Monday! Computer has shipped! and shoulder pain = paralyzed arm with bloo

Posted Oct 30 2010 12:00am

This place is big, and so is my smile

This place is big, and so is my smile

As usual hit the picture to go to the galleries.

Some of you may know that I spoke at ATIA 2010 on Thursday at 2:35 until 3;35, it was a huge success for me. I did it very well. The auditorium I was in was one of the smaller ones but that does not matter, what matters is I was able to give my advice to more ears who can follow it and who can spread the advice around. I look forward to ATIA 2010 January in Orlando as I might go and speak there too!!! I got some photos off of the show floor but I didn’t get as much floor time in as I’d have liked to. Oh well. Time to work on January’s thing and also get all my stuff set up to hopefully go then. If not I will be definitely planning to speak again at ATIA 2011 Chicago and maybe do a hands on lab… Gotta think of topics.

Closeup of one DVD

Closeup of one DVD

I was up late last night… well not too late, not as late as some nights! Getting my first 15 DVDs ready to sell, yep you heard me 15 DVDs are now available for IMMEDIATE dispatch! So click the picture above or go over in the sidebar and dclick ATIA 2010 DVD ORDER and order up a DVD! $20 dollars unlike the original $15 I quoted to cover shipping and handling costs for international customers and domestic customers, it’s not that big a difference and every contribution goes right into a bank account register called ATIA Money which is money I will save towards not depending on ATIA to help me out and give me free speaker tickets. In the end I would like to end up paying for my slot like most other speakers. But until then ATIA is there for me to help get me off the ground and help me spread my good word on assistive technology. Next year I might do a speech with video and photos called “Why a mount?” I’m tossing ideas around in the slow cooker.


See that!!! Yay!!! FedEx has posession of my new computer and it’s moving out of China! It’s expected to be here before 10:30 AM on THIS WEDNESDAY! Wow!!! Lot’s to do this week. Sevo on monday then a countdown to my new computer, yay!!! I can’t wait till Monday, and I can’t wait till Wednesday! And then shortly after on November 16th I get my breast surgery, more Sevo YAY!

as shown in the video above… don’t leave a BP cuff inflated on your arm to 300 unless you want some temporary paralysis… But it fixed my shoulder pain issue! Right up until NOW… Time to pull the cuff out again.

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