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ASL Head Array Unboxed, Need… Another Box but not for Unboxing.

Posted Oct 23 2012 12:00am
Both sides are good

Both sides are good

You can tell from the picture above I am REALLY happy to have this ‘ASL Head Array’ Most of you are probably wondering, WHAT THE HELL IS A HEAD ARRAY. Is it some sort of thing used by aliens to read your thoughts? Is it a mind control device? Is it some sort of evil thing?

If you guessed mind control you were close. This thing will once I get the correct interface box, which is a special box that goes between it and the chair to change HACL (Head Array Command Language) into PCCL (PowerChair Command Language) allow me to drive and control my entire wheelchair and even the television and possibly my computer using nothing but minute head movements. You probably are wondering, why Alin, your arms work fine. Well my arms don’t work this well all the time. Spasticity can be a pain in the butt and prevent me from driving my wheelchair in a safe manner or at all, it can prevent me from typing on the computer without having to make corrections for typos every third word, like on this post. In other times my arms may just be too over tired to function or the tone might be too low. I can expect this to only get worse being that my CP and Rett Syndrome combined create a ‘Progressive Cerebral Palsy’ because Rett causes regressions. Right now I am in the middle of one! So having the array is like having a failsafe system on my chair and for controlling the world. Let alone one nice thing will be no one can say “Where’d we put the remote” as I will be sitting in the remote! ha ha!

Anyway I have yet to get the head array unboxing video up along with a short demonstration of how it works. Well how it will work once I get the damn correct box.

Anyone want to exchange an ASL-151-PG for an ASL-151-IVC box? Thats a Penny & Giles box for a Invacare box. I’ll pay shipping both ways! If anyone wants to BUY the box it’s available for SALE $1700 or best offer. No offer will go unreviewed.

To offer for the box simply go to my contact me page and send a contact with your offer or buy / exchange order.

If you are in a really giving mood and want to just flat our help me flat out buy a new box at $1794 then hit the donate button and use PayPal my secure donation processor to donate, try to leave a Memo of ARRAY BOX so I can route the funds to the ARRAY BOX holdings.

Also don’t forget that the Furnace & Air Conditioner fundraiser is still running! So if you are giving for that make sure you request appropriate routing of your funds.

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