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Are there any type of exercises or warm up's that can prevent so much muscular pain due to tenseness in the body?

Posted by eeeee

I've been told by my doctor that I seem to be very tense and that's why every muscle in my body aches.  I'm 18 and apparently this all got developed by stress and tensing up alot, it starts on the sides of my neck, shoulders, the back of my head and neck, and ends at my feet.  That's how bad the pain is, sometimes I can barely move or get up because it get's me extremely agitated and tired.  Also, i feel sore almost every day, it's not so cool for a teenager like me to not be able to run.  So, I wonder, are there any type of exercises or warm up's i can do in the morning so my muscles won't be so tight and i won't be aching all day?
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