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Are Our Children Suffering?

Posted May 22 2009 11:56pm

The IDSC has very humble beginnings.  A few parents, who have children who happen to have Down syndrome, got in a discussion concerning advocating for individuals who have Down syndrome.  We all made the connection early on, that if our children are targeted in the womb, it is only natural that the level of respect for individuals who are actually born, will be lower, due to this discrimination before they are even born.  It does not take a whole lot of connecting the dots to come to that conclusion. If there are people advocating for your death, based on a certain trait, this will carry over to those who live, with that certain trait.  As we have carefully pointed out in earlier posts, there are people advocating for the death of individuals who happen to have Down syndrome.  Because of this, the level of respect for individuals with Down syndrome is concerning.  That is why there are so many advocacy groups out there, talking about the lack of respect for these individuals.  The IDSC does not believe that this will be remedied until we all can discuss the root cause of this discrimination.  The termination rate is at 90-94% of all pregnancies.  That means that there are a lot of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,  friends, and physicians trying to justify why they have taken the life of a child.  After all, it is not natural for a parent to take the life of their unborn baby for absolutely no reason. In spite of the fact that it is legal, everyone involved will feel a need to justify this.  That is a large group of people advocating against the lives of those who have Down syndrome.  Here are some of their reasons that are given for taking their child’s life: 

“I did not want my child to suffer.” 

“I was giving her back to God, where she would be happy.”

“I could not do this to my other children.”

“He would have been teased.”

“I did not feel like having a child with a disability.”

These statements are not assumptions on our part.  We have actually seen these words in print, by parents who chose to terminate.  Many of us have actually had them said to us, by a physician, as they were trying to “help us” after we found out in utero that our children have Down syndrome.  This was part of their effort to “give us up to date and accurate information.”

After you have a child, who happens to have Down syndrome, you learn rather quickly, that none of these statements are true.  In fact, they are just the opposite.

~Our children are not suffering.  They are thriving.  At no time in history has it been better to have a child who happens to have Down syndrome.  Medical care for our children today is incredible.  What used to be a huge concern, is now very treatable.

~God does not expect our children to be given back to Him.  He has entrusted us with their care, for as long as He decides he wants them on this earth.  Our children are a gift from God.  “Returning them” is rejecting that gift.

~As for your other children their sibling is such an amazing gift to them.  Do not miss out on the opportunity to “do this to your other children”.  You will be amazed at their relationship, and the joy their sibling brings them.

~All children get teased for something.  If you can show us a child that has never been teased about anything, that is a amazing. Taking their life is not a healthy response to others teasing them.  We work hard to give our children the tools to deal with those who bully.  And they are shining examples to others!  We are equipping our children to live in a world, where teasing is a part of life.  And they are rising to the occasion!

~As for not wanting a child with a disability, no parent wishes this on themselves.  Taking your child’s life is not the answer.  There is a waiting list for families who would like to have a child who happens to have Down syndrome.  The list is 200 families long.  The adoption option is a perfect option for those who do not feel as though they are equipped for this.  It is a gift to your child, and a gift to those who are waiting for an angel to adopt. 

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who terminated their pregnancy when they found out the child they were carrying happened to have Down syndrome.  We are sorry for your loss, and want to help dispel these myths, so that another parent does not make a decision based on this misinformation.

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