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Apologies, Apologies, and a Little Amazing Excitement

Posted Jan 03 2010 9:53pm
I apologize for my lack of posts this weekend. I'm busy trying to enjoy my time off this week while I'm not in school. Heading back on Saturday will be a wonderful thingas I'm in huge need of a routine right now.

Some of you know the newsbut I am soso excited for the news I am about to share with all of you.

As a music therapistwriting songs is part of the territory! By composing your own songs to use with your students and/or clientsyou have created a versatility that is not often found in ready-made tunes. For children working on social goalsthere may not be a song that addresses the goal that states the importance of a firm handshake and all those elementsso because you're a music therapistyou have the tools and the knowledge to write your own songespecially for that client who so desperately desires goal mastery. It's just like what Rachel came up with for KristynRyanand Jamell.

In Nikki's interviewshe told you that there are many different elements that must be added to music therapy sessions and that the session was often divided into parts. Two of those componentswhich are the "hello" song and the "goodbye" songare crucialas they mark the beginning and end of sessions for your clients.

Ias a music therapist in-traininglike to think that the reason for these clear definitionsis because the client just doesn't want to leave our sessions! While I know that may be a small part of itit is often that the diagnoses that we work with cause the client to have a limited understanding of the concept of time.

With this in mindI've put my "I'm-going-to-be-the-best-music-therapist-possible" hat to good use and written my very own "hello" and "goodbye" songs! I'm in the midst of writing the actual musicbut look for videos of my new songs veryvery soon!

I'm going to try and write the first of my New Year resolution posts this eveningso hopefullyI'll see you back here in a few short hours!

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