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Any cure for a Misaligned Leg after a fracture???

Posted by santosh_vissu

Hi all,

 My Mom had this bone fracture between knee and foot.

The doctor had used an old method for curing it. He had arranged the fractured bone and used some iron rods to hold the leg from moving.

After few days, the pain reduced slowly, but now the leg seems to be a bit misaligned. Due to this even now she cannot walk properly, but limps a bitwhile walking.

she is terribly sad about this. Is there any cure of this?

Kindly let me know.


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Well we can use Illizarov's technique to correct any deformity associated with old fractures. This is a quite reputed technique and depending on where u are located you can find Illizarov experts in your area.

Orthopedic Doctor

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