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Announcement about the Fashion Moves Garment Design Competition

Posted Oct 07 2009 5:43am



I was asked to make this announcement by member Ruth Clark thank you for the information Ruth

It is finally here. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fashion Moves Garment Design Competition. Register at

The goal of this Competition is to introduce Fashion Students around the World, to the opportunities of designing for people with various disabilities.

For an executive who uses a wheelchair, the suit jacket needs to be shortened and winter overcoats designed to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear

For a teacher who wears a below-the-knee prosthetic, design trousers that are stylish but easy to enable removal of the prosthetic through the day without needing to take the pants off.

For anyone with limited hand dexterity, design shirts and blouses that have a formal look but are easier to do up without assistance.

For women taking part in the Ms Wheelchair America pageants, designing evening dresses that will not tangle in the wheels.

And performance ski suits for the Paralympic skiers who use sit-skis.

The First Annual Fashion Moves Garment Design Competition is now open! Students studying Fashion and Garment Design are invited to register and put their skills to work. There is no fee to register and all reports are submitted by E-Mail or through the website. Students from every corner of the Earth can meet together through Fashion Moves and exchange ideas and forge future business connections.

Please spread the word. If you have a College or a University in your town, forward this note to them, asking them to post it to the Students. If you know someone already studying Fashion or Garment Design, send them a copy to share with their classmates.

Thanks for taking time to visit. Lets use the internet to it’s best purpose and spin this information around the world in days.

Bye for now. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this work.

Ruth J. Clark

Fashion Moves

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