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Angel Bird’s trip, A Million dollar check, Christmas Displays, A heap of christmas cards, A gift from Medtronic, and My ch

Posted Dec 22 2011 12:00am
Self portrait of me and my Angel

Self portrait of me and my Angel

Well Angel Bird / MyBigMouth has returned to California as of Yesterday. She was here from Saturday till Yesterday. We had heaps of fun together and took a whopping 398 photos in this trip! That’s a lot of imagery! I will be posting it all up on flickr in probably 50 photo batches to keep things flowing. There were some things that needed to be hashed out before I could post the 69 photos from her initial trip here in August, but now I can post those. I will get those pictures posted sometime within this week or next week, but I will need time to get all the tags, and titles sorted out. We had heaps of fun! We went to Willow Creek Church for the Christmas service and Rob the special, special needs seating guy got us seated and then asked me. “Anything else I can do for you. I said yes hand over a million dollars.” So the Christmas service goes on and at the end when it is just dragging a bit he approaches and hands me a check made out to Cash for 1 million dollars. I freaked. And I grinned, obviously it was phony, he told me that he has only 13 dollars and change in his account and it was a joke. But, I don’t think so much it is a joke as much as it is a symbol of what is coming. So up onto my visioning board it went and pictures were taken! We went out to IKEA instead of going to an Art Museum because the museum was closed on Monday but IKEA worked like an Art MUKEAUM for us because of how we made it artistic there, it was awesome! Just wait till you see the photos! We then went for dinner and went to Arlington Heights Christmas display where we took a heap of photos, and we took video. The video of that is below!

Lucy's christmas card

Lucy's christmas card

I got a real heap of christmas cards today! One for my parents and five in the mail for me! I am really getting to love that ‘thunk’ sound of mail landing in our mailbox outside, I rush to get the mail and look for stuff for me. Love all the cards from everyone. All of them are scanned and archived permanently.

Me and the NOMBOX… literally!

Me and the NOMBOX… literally!

This was cool! A unmarked truck came up to the driveway and a courier from Harry & David stepped out and came to the door, asked for my signature and handed me a relatively heavy box. Inside was an awesome gift arrangement from Medtronic. So nice of them for me doing awesome services for them. If you need an advocate just come to me. :)

My Christmas Card is now LIVE on the website for those who did not get postal delivery

To get the card click 2011 Christmas Card. over > there!!!

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