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Alternative Media Access Center: Student Advisory Council

Posted Feb 06 2010 9:39pm

This weekend, I went to a meeting of the Alternative Media Access Center's Student Advisory Council. You may remember me mentioning my interview this summer, and it is such a joy to be apart of such a committee that is essential in the lives of Georgia's students with disabilities.

AMAC's goals, as a division of the University System of Georgia are to provide varying types of assistive technologies (from softwares to equipment such as Brailled textbooks for students who are visually impaired.

As a part of the student advisory committee, I, along with my fellow colleagues, am representative of AMAC's patrons, which are primarily institutions within the state of Georgia and beyond. This weekend, the meeting lasted from 1:00 - 5:45 on Friday and from 9:00 - 3:00 today, and the entire conference was spent devoted to the needs of students with disabilities who are attending colleges in and outside of Georgia. Currently, the committee is working to launch a website aimed at assisting professors and other professionals to understand the lives of their students who are faced with challenges from an academic, social, and emotional perspective. The development of the content for the website will be created by the members of the Student Advisory Committee with the aid of some of the AMAC staff members.

Making a presence in the light of social media is very important to the twenty-first century and to the year 2010. In an effort to do just that, you can now find AMAC on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Look for postings there from the members of staff and committee members! You never know. You might just see a link back to Empowering People and Changing Lives once in awhile. If you're here by way of AMAC's social media efforts, welcome aboard! I do hope you'll join me on the ride through my college career and through my medical school journey.

AMAC is a wonderful resource for students with print-related disabilities in and (sometimes!) outside of Georgia. Providing a pathway to easy access for all students, AMAC has been an integral partner in the effort to include college students affected by disability in the state of Georgia and beyond.

Some of the things that really resonated clarity with me during our time together in sessions this weekend were quite astounding. As a nineteen year old girl with a disability, you may assume that I have experience with all different types of disabilities that when you ask something about the girl in front of the line, the expectation is that because I do have one disability, I often am misconstrued in the fact that I do not understand many things regarding other disabilities as they related to college-age students. Many of the students that are on the committee are extremely skilled in the areas of self-advocacy and self-awareness. It is incredible to see all of those people at one time, in one room, and sitting around a conference-style table.

The talent brought to the group is astounding, and I surely can't wait to meet with the committee again in June to finalize our ideas for social networking and the website. Welcome aboard on the journey of the youngest AMAC SAC community! We're glad you stopped to say hello. And please do, so that I know you're here. Leave a comment, tweet, facebook, or something so that I can get to know who reads about the conferences I attend and how I achieve professional development.

Once again, it is an honor and a priviledge to be apart of such an integral component to the education of a student with a print related disability!

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