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Adding to the list of amazing-ness...

Posted Jul 26 2010 5:34am

As you may recall, in the past month Avery has made a lot of progress in her physical independence. I would like to add to the list of Avery's amazing achievements! I have already told you that she has mastered getting off the toilet and has become quite proficient at climbing in and out of the bath, as well as general improvements in her desire to be independent, with a lot more independent pulling up to stand and walking up and down the stairs, etc. Here are some more of the exciting things we have seen, including a brand new one this past weekend!
  • In the past month she has suddenly been able to ride her tricycle totally independently! No braces, no foot straps to keep her feet on the peddles, just a regular pair of shoes and determination!
  • Avery now has the ability to take all of her clothes off by herself! Shoes (most of the time), socks, pants, underwear, shirt....everything! That is big news! This is a big improvement for a girl who until recently could only sometimes take off her socks independently, and only after a lot of whining and complaining!
  • She can also now put on t-shirts, underwear and pants all by herself, and even socks sometimes!
  • This past Friday, Avery needed to go to the bathroom, so I went upstairs with her and when we got there she said "Mommy, I'm going to show you how I can get on the potty all by myself." She then proceeded to do just that! She held onto the wall bar, stood up, pulled down her shorts and underwear, turned around, did a little jump up backwards and scooted backwards onto her potty seat! And she has repeated this several times since then! We're very excited :)
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