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A walk… err “drive” to the library and new antibiotic, neurology testing & XR tomorrow!

Posted May 21 2009 11:32pm
Me & Jeff on the trail

Me & Jeff on the trail

Me and my caretaker / close friend Jeff went for a walk / drive to the library today. It was quite a comfortable day out today approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit with light breeze. When we left the house I was a bit chilly cause it was around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a stronger breeze so I decided to wear a rubberized nylon windbreaker, but inside out cause the slightly rubbery feeling on my arms is nice and comfortable to me. I was quite comfortable even in the upper temperatures, go ask my Autistic sensory integration disorder on that one. Anyways I took a bunch of pictures on my BlackBerry Storm documenting the trip to and from. The photos explain more than this post will ever do so. Me and Jeff plan to go for drives more often since its a good fun way to get the hell out of the house and into the city a bit.


In other news I am now on Biaxin antibiotic 1000 MG per day to hopefully knock the infection out. I am due for my neurology testing tomorrow, second segment. And then soon after the third and big results review visit. After my neurology testing we need to go for an X-Ray series to see if i have full blown pneumonia. We are already pretty sure its an Aspiration Bronchitis / Pneumonia but not sure which one it is. Both suck in my opinion.
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