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A properly fitting G-Tube

Posted Jun 22 2009 12:37pm
Yay! Correctly fitting G-Tube

Yay! Correctly fitting G-Tube

Yesterday morning we inserted my new correctly fitting G-Tube, why is it correct fitting, it looks the same from above you ask.

If you saw the old  G-Tube which was 3.0 cm you will notice that it is so long I can fit my entire finger under it. A G-Tube like that is DANGEROUS it causes the stomach to fill too fast because it occupies more space than a smaller tube, it is at risk of being pulled out because it is easier to catch on objects. Therefor a properly fitting G-Tube is crucial. No, I am not saying you should get a G-Tube that fit’s so tight that you can’t get anything under it.

A properly fit G-Tube should only allow you to fit a pop can tab or dime under it. Any less and it is probably too tight, any more and it is probably too loose!

Click for more pictures.

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