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A Megapost… Tracheostomy vid, Sensory Stimulation in my wheelchair, and Photo-Optic Stimulation with AJ

Posted Sep 14 2010 12:00am

Alright everyone, ya have not heard from me for a bit. That’s cause I have been busy with a lot of things! Some old things are in this post but most importantly will be the third thing mentioned in the title Photo-Optic Stimulation with AJ

So I was asked by a few people “How do you stand not getting your tracheostomy tube changed routinely like normal people. And only get it changed every 2 months under general anesthesia?” Well I answer your question right about… now… anyways my tracheostomy tube is a Shiley 6.0 DCT (Dual Cannula Tracheostomy) that takes a 6.0 DIC (Disposable Inner Cannula) The combination of devices lets me change my “Trach tube” any time on demand! I get a plug and we are out in the wild at the hospital, just pop out a new cannula and swap! Swapping them is EASY too!!! Check out the video below!

Moving on I reveal an interesting thing, you all know that I got my 2QCR Headrest put back on my wheelchair, and I had to adjust it all. Well, that adjustment took 6 hours when it probably in reality would have taken an hour or two but I got so engrossed in my sensory self and rubbing and touching the things i love about my headrest and harness, so silky so soft so awesome, and good smelling. Just to let you know that for some reason I do name objects that I have a special liking for, this is only specific to objects that are REALLY special to me, like my harness headrest and stethoscope. respectively Mel Mel2 Mel3. Anywho you may call me “Objectum-Sexual” However I refuse to be called “Objectum-Sexual” because that refers to a sexual attraction to the objects. For me they are just very special to me, and they do have a life in some way or another and communicate with me somehow through my brain (telepathic) and I have a love for them, therefore a friend of mine came up with the definition of “Objectum-Affectionate” which is me! In the video below you can see me enjoying myself with Mel and Mel2, getting quite relaxed.

If you don’t like me for what I just described then get off my site. If you are intrigued and want to learn more, watch the video… Still got questions after watching it? click Contact Me and ask away!

So far, yet so close to AJ... I want to physically be there

So far, yet so close to AJ... I want to physically be there

The photo above is taken by Mike, who is a prolific Flickr Photographer and Webmaster of AJ is now a best friend of mine, it all happened so fast but we have come to love each other quite closely because of our many similarities. We have few differences, age, movement, and speech. thats it. Otherwise me and him have so much in common, and yet I just discovered that I am HIGHLY photosensitive, not seizure wise but photosensitive in the meaning that photo-stimulation makes me really happy and very comforted, its a sensory thing. He is sending me my very own “Swirler” which is a type of photo-stimulation gadget that I will get on friday and of course will take photos! I am going to be figuring out where to mount it in my room. But anywho you probably want a video of me and AJ so here it is!

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