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Phoenix, Arizona
I'm a REALTOR in Phoenix Arizona with COPD. I'm looking for help to control the coughing. I've been working with a doctor here in Phoenix, that can't seem to help me. Is there anyone in Phoenix working with a doctor that has control of their COPD. Please respond. Also have you heard of Alpha-1 Deficiency?
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Dec 30 2009 by BIARJ31

I don´t have copd but my love does and I suffer seeing him suffering so I search for all kinds of information and help from  people. I know it´s hard to live with copd but I believe there are other ways to improve your health and it doesnt mean taking all those strong drugs. What to do then? I am trying and I will keep on trying... 

Dec 29 2009 by Phyllis
When I was in my 20's I worked in a factory with chemicals. After breathing in the chemicals for 4 to 5 weeks I had to go to the hospitals emergency room because I couldn't breath. This is were it all started. Now I'm in my 50's with COPD.