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Philip Tsang is a teacher and author of the book How to Beat Insomnia. For many years he has carried out extensive research in alternative medicines and practices such as acupuncture, reflexology, NLP and hypnosis. Using this knowledge he has helped thousands of people cure their insomnia. If you... Full Bio
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The Body And How Stimulants Can Affect Sleep

Try to avoid heavy meals at least 4 hours from sleep, as Stomach digestion will disturb sleep. If you must eat, you should avoid sugars and...

How Body Temperature Affects Sleep

I have already mentioned that melatonin induces sleep and reduces body temperature. So what has temperature got to do with sleep? Well...

How Sunlight And Darkness Affects Sleep

During darkness increased is produced in the pineal gland and in the retinas of your eyes. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone...

Creating The Perfect Environment for Sleep

There’s no place better to start than the bed itself, it’s the place you’ve learnt to dread and have spent countless sleepless nights in....

Too Much Tension Can Cause Chronic Insomnia

Stress and tension can build up in our bodies without us even knowing. Telltale signs such as a headache or neck ache might give us indication...
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