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phil T.

I'm a men's psychotherapist working in Manchester in the U.K. and blog about men's physical, emotional and psychological well-being and relationship issues.
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This blog is moving URL.

After four wonderful years as a typepad blog, I've decided to move to wordpress and during the upgade, change the URL to...

Types of Obsessive Thinking and OCD

Obsessive thinking is part of the human condition.  I have to be really careful if I go on holiday because I always think I’ve left the...

If You’re Only Tool is a Hammer …

Dr Phil Tyson is a Men's Psychotherapist based in Manchester in the UK.  He offers:

Vitamin D and Physical and Mental Health

A few years ago it was picked up on routine blood tests that I was low on vitamin D.  I didn’t give it much attention.  How wrong I...

Naive Realism and Psychotherapy.

Naïve realism is the view that the way the world appears to us is the way the world actually is.  So we see trees, cars, hateful people...

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