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SECAmb, United Kingdom
My name's Petrolhead and I'm an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for South East Coast Ambulance Service. I love my job and the satisfaction I get at the end of each day, knowing I've helped someone, somewhere who needed me.
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Taxi or truck?

While I was waiting for my friends outside a restaurant this evening, I was doing a bit of 'people watching'. I like imagining where people are...

Professional distance

It's a well known fact that emergency services personnell tend to maintain a professional distance from their patients, in order to carry out their...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, dear readers!!!!!! That is if there's anybody left still reading this blog...I'm hoping to be back at work next month, so keep...

999 transcripts

A few weeks ago, the Guardian Weekend magazine had a very interesting piece about 999 calls. It features several transcripts of calls to the...

I'm still here!!

Sorry for the distinct lack of posting over the last 3 months! I am still here, but things are very busy in the world of Petrolhead right now. I'll...
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