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Peter F.

Greenwich, Connecticut
I am a writer and own an internet-based business, Shopp2Give, that provides generous income streams for participating charities. I wrote the national award winning book, Prayer, Laughter & Broccoli, a breast cancer survival guide for husbands, and speak around the country on breast cancer, sexuality, and being there for the long haul. I am happily married for 31 years, have one marvelous daughter, and want to do more over the next 25-30 years.
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Jeff, a friend of Bill, gave me an insight this morning and brought back memories of Jim.  Jeff does his prayer work, reading, meditation in his...

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Prayer, Laughter & Broccoli will be re-released in October.  This national award winning book is a survival guide for husbands of women facing...

Re-Relase of Prayer, Laughter & Brocoli

The national award winning Prayer, Laughter & Broccoli, a survival guide for husbands of breast cancer patients, is being re-released by Grindstone...

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May 17 2010 by Chrissie
Hi Peter - Welcome! Yes, exercise can be boring at times but Do you have any fitness goals? or benefits from exercise that you can perhaps focus on whilst doing your walking? Maybe you just haven't found a form of exercise that you enjoy yet...? Kind Regards, Chrissie :)