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Oct 14 2009 by ddcat
severe stress. cat tearing fur out with teeth and claws, bleeding sores all over. all other ailments been looked into by vet,removing her from stress to new premises. keeping apart from other animals, will be giving zylkene daily when I get her. so severe she may be euthanised, any suggestions, no food allergy.
Oct 14 2009 by ddcat
Aug 01 2009 by Cristy
Has orthostatic hypotension been observed in animals?  My yorkie has glomerulonephritis and hypertension.  Her vet had prescribed enalapril and amlodipine for BP control, as well as Epakitine for phosphorus binding.  She has had 3 recent episodes of falling to the side upon standing up, after which she appears dazed and disoriented.  She also has difficulty walking for a few minutes: she weaves back and forth, and has to catch herself to keep from falling. After 3 days of IV fluids, removing enalapril and adding aluminum hydroxide to her medication regimen, her symptoms have resolved. Plan is to continue subcutaneous fluids 3x/week.  We have not been able to pinpoint a cause, having pretty much ruled out seizure and stroke. Wondering if it could be orthostatic hypotension.
Jun 09 2009 by Liztish
Cat Rosie, approx 7 or 8 yrs old, started to lose some of hair 3 weeks ago.  It can be seen as fuzz w/definite border. Started on front of right "knee" only, now on lower belly and moving up onto right side. Left side unaffected. Doesn't scratch at all but grooms.  Same food for most of her life. Dry skin but no red spots, pustules or scaling. Has sister cat who is just fine. No diarrhea or vomiting, eats well and plays.  Seems a bit bored. No change in home environment. I am under lots of stress, but always speak calmly to her. No sign of fleas, just dry skin. Fur on face, head, neck, back and left side fine.  Can you give me any hints as to this disturbing worry?
May 30 2009 by karen s.
My almost 19 yr old himalayan Ozzie is very sick. From what I have read, he shows signifigant signs of renal failure, tremendous loss of weight, vomiting(white frothy liquid), barely eats for me at all, frequent drinking and this morning I have found that he is passing blood in his urine.He has led a much longer than I would ever have imaginged life and I realize  that he cannot go on forever. Because of his age I cannot see trying to spend a huge amount of money on trying to forgo the uninviteable. My main concern is how can I  tell if he is in a lot of pain? He mainly sleeps, only getting up once or twice a day to try to eat , drink and go to the litter box.  I think that it would be very wrong to have him euthanized unless he is in tremendous pain. Can you give me any guidance? Thanks.
Feb 03 2009 by T

My six year old yellow Lab...Lily has started gagging and sounds hoarse when she barks. She has not been in a kennel and my one year old...grey ghost...Ash is fine.  What is happening with her?


Jan 02 2009 by tsim
My dog had its first seizure a month ago. She is on phrnobarbital, but has developed spasms in her face that occur daily. Any comments?