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Yorkie Sickness Symptoms

Posted by sajones55

What might be the cause of mucous blood-tinged stool, excessive itching, lethargy and loss of appetite in my yorkie?  Coincidently this began a day after a grooming session with a new groomer?  I have specimens of stool and will see vet tomorrow but am worried tonight.
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Your vet is right in that it could definitely be food-related. Dogs are opportunistic scavenger carnivores. They need a raw meaty bone diet to thrive. Feeding your dogs the rice and veggies isn't something they need. Will they eat it? Sure but we'll eat chocolate but it doesn't mean we need it.

 And yikes cake frosting? OY!

 Your dogs will continue to have problems if you give them these things they can't really digest nor do they need. If you want healthy dogs, without lots of expenses to keep them that way a raw meaty bone diet will be your best bet. We have audios available now in categories to help people learn how to take your dog to a totally natural lifestyle.


Bubba's specimens were negative for parasites, etc.  My vet also suspected a food related problem.  I have 3 dogs.  I feed them a homemade diet of brown rice, chicken with a pork hock, chicken broth and mixed frozen veggies.  They also free feed on dry food.  Turkey was cheap in Nov. so I substituted that, including the skin, for my usual chicken.  I also shared some very rich and fatty cake frosting that I removed from a cake because it was too sweet for me.  I know table food is bad for them but it's hard to resist those big eyes and wagging tails.  I am making an early NY resolution to break this "treating" habit.  I think the groomer connection was just coincidental.  My vet also gave me some information about nutritional requirements so I can make sure they are getting what they need.  Bubba is 7 and weighs 8 lbs.  Gizmo is 9 and Zac is 10.  They are not overweight, thankfully and are usually happy and healthy.  I live alone so I tend to treat them like my kids.  I know I need to remember they are dogs, not people, especially when it comes to feeding.  Thanks much for your prompt response.  I was scaring myself by searching for causes on the internet. 

Did the groomer give him any treats or food?   Have you switched foods on your Yorkie recently?   How old is your dog?

This actually sounds more like a food related problem then anything else.  

Let us know what your vet says....

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