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Yep, I’m scratching, might be a ...

Posted Sep 28 2008 5:44pm

Proheart 6 Back on the market

Yep, I’m scratching, might be a mosquito better run for the Proheart - NOT! I guess it didn’t kill enough dogs the first time around so they decided just adding a disclaimer would make it okay that dogs can and do die from this. At least people are aware this time and hackles are raised over this drug being re-released. I’m glad my humans don’t use these drugs and chemicals on me, WOOF! Understand that this is a CHEMICAL as in pesticide!

And just check out what just came out about what pesticides are doing to humans
Pesticide Dangers to Human Health Carry Through Multiple Generations

Now imagine how many generations of dogs have been subjected to the multitude of flea, tick, mosquito “prevention” pesticides???? UH HUH are you seeing it????

The news:
Our view on drug safety: FDA vet tracks dog deaths, gets smeared in the process

Here’s what one veterinarian, our friend Dr. Stephen Blake, has to say about this in his latest newsletter -
The FDA has put a drug back on the market that was pulled off because it killed too may dogs when it came out in 2004. They have now decided it is safe, as long as the veterinarian tells the client of the simple “safe” (ha!) side effects.

The FDA feels PROHEART is safe in your dog as long as you tell the owner about these minor side effects:

a.. Swelling and pain at the site of the injection.
b.. Facial swelling
c.. Diarrhea and vomiting
d.. Lethargy and fever
e.. Wobbliness and weakness
f.. Rash
g.. Shortness of breath
h.. Erythema multiforme (body-wide disease with a characteristic rash involving the skin and mucous membranes)
i.. Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (destruction of red blood cells)
j.. Seizures and other neurological events
k.. Death

When this came out years ago, I wrote to all my readers about the potential dangers of injecting this chemical into their dogs and recommended they not use it. I was very glad they pulled it off in 2004 but now find it is back again. What has happened over the past ten years? Is the public so desensitized to the word ‘death’ that they accept it as a safe side effect to the drugs they are taking and giving to their pets? Insanity is the only word that comes to mind!

Amen to that Dr. Blake! Here is our latest show on Animal Talk Naturally with Dr. Blake where we talk about all of this insanity: Helping Pets Be Pest-Free, Naturally! - Show #169

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY pest-free day, WOOF!

Bark ‘N’ Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom Natural Pet Care

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