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Would you adopt a 3 month old kitten who was diagnosed with keratitis but is healed with minimal scar tissue?

Posted by autumn

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Thank you, Myrna, for the great advice.  I will ask the shelter today what her story is.  I fell in love with this kitten and then found out that she had corneal ulcers.  You would never know it by her personality and playfulness. 



That depends on what caused the keratitis. If it was caused by an infection that has other effects that may be long-lasting, then it wouldn't be such a good idea.  Or it might signal a problem in the kitten's immune response. Or a questionable early environment that might lead to other problems later. On the other hand, if it was caused by direct contact, such as with a chemical spray, and the kitten was otherwise healthy and came from a good home, that's a different story.  The key to making sound decisions regarding prognosis (i.e what will happen in the future) is to get as much information as possible about what happened in the past. The less information, the less specific any answer can be.
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