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worried about my dogs health

Posted by thekemps

i have a 12 year old terrier.She has lots of lumps under the skin the biggest being the size of a plum the average being the size of a grape too many to count.She seems to be swelling all over as she is getting very barrel looking her abdomen is uncomfortable to touch and she is producing alot of brown staining from her eyes to the extreme that it is matting in her fur.She is eating ok but drinking more than usual.Any advice would be appreciated.
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You really should have her examined by your veterinarian.  There may be more than one problem going on with her.  There are several diseases that can lead to what you are describing and they would be diagnosed by a thorough exam, some blood work, possibly some X-rays, etc. 

You shouldn't let this go any further without an examination if you want a chance to help her.

Helpful Buckeye

Thank you.I will have to take her and hope for the best.
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