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Woman uses cat as dumbbell, exercise partner

Posted Jun 23 2009 4:49pm

It’s all the rage in muscle beach, California, and around the country. One woman actually started using her cat for exercise when she realized what a great partner Lucky would make. Now, pet owners across the country are reportedly exercising with their cats and dogs, or using them as weight instead of traditional bar bells and dumbbells. Gyms have even begun offering exercise class for owners and their pets.

A pet’s fitness is just as important as our own, so why not share our workouts with our cats and dogs. Sometimes they might just make the best trainer.

It’s not uncommon for an animal to share the habits of their owner. This means that obesity and inactivity in humans usually leads to sedentary pets that are overweight. To remedy this, rather than neglecting their animals, some people have begun to use their pets for exercise.

Tara Brown of Venice Beach, California, noticed that her white, spotted cat, Lucky Cat, would scurry between her feet whenever she pumped barbells…"I like to use light weights anyway for the bicep curls and twists, so I use my cat," Brown said. "Lucky Cat seems to want to hang out with me when I'm exercising, so I'll use her."

If using your cat or dog to do bicep curls is not your thing, then you can also design your workout around activities that can be shared with pets. Whether it’s playing tag, fetch, or just throwing a toy to your dog while doing lunges, there are plenty of ways you and your pet to get in shape together. And if it is relaxation and wellness you are looking for instead, try doing yoga (or doga) alongside your furry friend. You might just find a sense of calming that only pets can provide.


Image Source: KoolCats


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