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With gratitude and indebtousness...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:14pm

With gratitude and indebtousness to our active duty soldiers and all our veterans…

Veteran and dog

by Margaret Loris

Have you ever felt afraid, hurt, anxious, or lonely?
Did you ever feel you were alone in the world?
That no one could understand you.
There was no one to help you.
And even if there was, you were so badly hurt that your voice could not even ask for help.

That you felt so much pain that you were afraid to cry.
Because the tears might just never stop.
And then, from nowhere, you get the best gift in the universe.

An animal, no matter what kind, comes ever so gently to comfort you.

With the tenderness of his closeness, you are touched in a manner that you have never been touched before.

And you realize that this animal has the knowingness of a thousand gods.

Infusing you is the purest, finest and sweetest unconditional love that you have felt in your life.

You feel safe, protected.
And no matter how big you are,
Or how strong you are,
Or how brave you are,
You begin to melt.

And no matter how much you resist, the deepest longing in your heart tells you to let go,

To sink down even further,
And soften.
Then let go even deeper.
For you have found what the ancients speak of.
What the poets write of.
What the angels sing of.

You have made communion with the kingdom of animals.

In the language of silence, for words can never express this,

Your heart extends its deepest gratitude.
Thank you Margaret and ALL our veterans!!!
Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, memorious day, WOOF!

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