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With big pharma working to say t...

Posted Sep 28 2008 7:06pm

Vaccine mediated illness
With big pharma working to say that anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all against vaccines or information on what happens to human children being suppressed, we wanted to share a story and some more facts on rabies vaccine and what can happen with an adverse reaction or vaccinosis. And yet these same powers want us vaccinated for this EVERY single year in a lot of states even though there have been NO incidences of rabies in the USA in several years. I would think titering would make more sense if proof is needed. But in reality vaccinating yearly or even every three years has NEVER been proven for efficacy…in fact humans it was a number pulled out of a hat for profit. Yes indeed, not for health or public safety. How would YOU like to be vaccinated yearly for rabies? Ruh? grrrrr:

Belle the Aussie
Belle and her “Mom” BEFORE vaccinosis
Read their full story here: In Memory of…Belle

Here’s the latest news from co-founder of the Rabies Challenge Fund, Kris Christine:
Information on HUMAN Adverse Reactions to Rabies…

When reading, bear this in mind: The 2003 American Animal Hospital Canine Vaccine Guidelines ( ) state that: “There is no indication that the immune system of canine patients functions in any way different from the human immune system. In humans, the epidemiological vigilance associated with vaccination is extremely well-developed and far exceeds similar efforts in animals whether companion or agricultural. - Kris Christine

American Society of Health System Pharmacists
AHFS Drug Information

More from Kris Christine:
This is a very interesting report! Bear in mind that there is no mandatory reporting of adverse reactions, and the 2007 World Small Animal Veterinary Association Vaccine Guidelines states that there is: “ gross under-reporting of vaccine-associated adverse events which impedes knowledge of the ongoing safety of these products.” World Small Animal Veterinary Association 2007 Vaccine Guidelines Scroll down to Vaccine Guidelines 2007 (PDF)

Despite the extreme under-reporting of vaccinal adverse reactions, this report states on the second page that between April 1, 2004 and March 31, 2007, the Center for Veterinary Biologics, “ requested manufacturers of rabies vaccines to provide adverse event report summaries for their products. During this period, nearly 10,000 adverse event reports (all animal species) were received by manufacturers of rabies vaccines……….Approximately 65% of the manufacturer’s reports involved dogs.”

The report further states on the second page that: “ Rabies vaccines are the most common group of biological products identified in adverse event reports received by the CVB.”

Download the PDF of this report here: Rabies Adverse Vaccine Reactions Dogs JAVMA 2008

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, vaccine-free day, WOOF!

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