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why is my dog scratching and chewing himself?

Posted by gfowler

my 6 mth old yellow lab has been scratching and chewing himself since we brought him home at 6wks. the vet has tested him for mange, mites and fungus nothing shows up except soil spores. the vet has dipped him for 4 weeks for mange. and 4 weeks in sulpher lime dip. the sulpher lime dip seemed to work the best. we have changed his dog food over to a totally grain free brand "taste of the wild" which is vension, bison. The affected area is under his front legs and stomach area. In the beginning he was losing hair but now it just looks dull and thin. His stomach is dark. Please help.
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Although he's very young for this,  he might be allergic to something that he's lying on.  If you haven't already, have him sleep on a white cotton sheet or blanket that you've washed only with a pure soap without any additives. This will put a safe barrier between him and any allergens outside or in. (Some dogs can be allergic to the dyes that are some synthetic fabrics, detergents, and fabric softeners.) Also, make sure you don't react to him when he scratches or chews or you can transform a temporary itch into an attention-seeking device. Instead, when you see him getting ready to itch and before he starts--not after he starts--consistently distract him with a toy or command and have everyone in your your household do the same. If none of that makes a difference, allergy and other testing might be needed.
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