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Why is my cat having wet sneezing fits?

Posted by momof6

I got my 9 month old female tabby from animal control when she was 7 months old. I had her about 4 days before she started sneezing. I took her to the vet and she was treated for a cold with an antibiotic and prescription eye drops. After she was finished with the meds she was fine. About a week ago, she started having wet sneezes, many in succession. She sounds like a dog's squeeky toy when she sneezes. After she is finished sneezing she rubs her nose with her paw. She is eating and drinking well, doesn't appear to have a fever and plays with my male cat. I've had many cats and this is the first one that has had this problem. My male cat isn't sneezing.
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The most likely causes are an allergic reaction or some sort or an infection. Keep notes re: when the sneezing occurs, where she is, and what she's been doing to see if you can pick up any trends. Also check for any signs of discharge. If it's anything but clear, she might have another infection, including one of her sinuses. The more information you collect beforehand, the faster your veterinarian can pin down the exact cause.
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