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Why is my 9 month old Papillion uninating without knowing he's doing it?

Posted by Francyn

Why is my 9 month old Papillion uninating ON MY LAP without his even noticing he's doing it?   He IS trained and always does his "business" outside, but it seems that all too often there are those WEIRD times that he urinates while he's casually walking around in my home or sitting on my lap!   He doesnt even lift his leg because he's actually walking while he does it.   He doesnt know he's doing it.   Is this normal? What could it be?     Just now I was holding him in my arms petting him,  and he urinated all over me!    (and he's just gone out one half hour ago!)  It's bizarre!
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It sounds like your puppy should be seen by a veterinarian right away,  this is not normal behavior and may have a medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and cared for.  

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Sounds like you need to get your puppy to a veterinarian.  Your puppy's urinating on himself while walking is more then likely a medical problem and needs to be diagnoised and  most likely will need treatment.  

 If you want to help him naturally, holisticly please set up a consultation with a holistic vet or a veterinary naturopath after you have a diagnosis

Two possibilities come to mind and both require diagnosis and treatment by your veterinarian.  If he's always done it, it's possible that he has a malformation in his urinary tract. For example, sometimes the ureter which connects the kidney to the bladder may attach beyond the circular muscle/sphincter that keeps urine from leaking out. Another possibility if you dog is neutered is that this has caused a loss of tone in the sphincter. In that case, if the bladder gets too full or the dog sits or lies in way that puts pressure on the bladder, urine will run out. Sometimes these dogs will wet their bedding in their sleep. Other times, you'll see a trail of  urine to the door because, even though they know they're supposed to go outside, the sphincter isn't strong enough to hold the urine back until they get there.  Again, your veterinarian can sort this out and provide the best treatment.
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