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why does my puppy have black stool with mucus?

Posted by allieserva

I got my puppy from a guy and he told me that he moved from up north and had just got two puppies. He obviously had his house sprayed with some kind of chemical and the female pup(the one I have) ate some of the chemical. She has had a lot of diareah even after I got her and I have had her 5 days and he had her a week. (dont know when she at the chemical) Ever since I got her, she started off with severe diareah that was green. 2 days ago I noticed that the diareah was green and had a little bit of black in it and today I took her out and she had a very hard stool that was black with white mucus. She really hasnt wanted to eat for the 5 days I've had her and wont hardly drink water, but today she ate a lot but still didnt want to drink. what is going on with my puppy?
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It's possible that she got into something that greatly irritated the lining of her intestinal tract. One possibility is that the black you saw in her stool was from bleeding somewhere in the part of her intestines closer to her stomach. On the other other hand, since she passed something hard and black and then began eating right away, it's also possible that that hard "stool" she past was actually something she'd eaten, like part of a toy or something she picked up off the ground before you got her that created a blockage and caused the irritation and diarrhea. In that case, over time it may have worked its way out. If so, that's very good news.

 Don't feed her a lot at one time because chances are that, whatever the cause, her gut is still irritated. Instead, feed her small amounts frequently. If she's not drinking, mix water with the food.

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