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why does my dog have a lot of black ear wax?

Posted by amartinabby

There is more in one ear, but she doesn't seem to be in pain. After cleaning it comes back within a week.
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All dogs have some wax in their ear's normal.  However, the wax should not be black in color.  Your dog probably has contracted an infection of some type.  Ear mites and yeast infections usually are associated with a dark wax.  The waxy buildup tends to also have a distinctive odor.

You should have your dog's ears examined by your veterinarian before you clean the ears.  A close inspection of the wax and ear canals should help in making a diagnosis.

Helpful Buckeye

When my dog gets the black buildup, it is odorless, but it always ends up being a yeast infection. Floppy eared dogs are more prone to yeast in their ear canal (dark and damp with little air exposure) compared to dogs who's ears stick straight up and have their ear canal exposed. Be careful what ear drops you are given . Certain drops do have the risk of causing deafness. It happened once to  my dog and he was totally deaf for 2 mths. Horrifying at the time. Now they give him different drops that have no risk. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the drops just make sure side affects are discussed with your vet.



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