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Why do dogs eat grass? (Just ask Dr. Google)

Posted Feb 10 2010 10:00pm

Believe it or notit’s the most common pet-themed question on the Internet. It also just so happens to be one for which an almost endless variety of answers have been made available for you to digest. Just ask Dr. Google if you still disbelieve.

In spite of the explosion of possible answers (good and badalike) I’ll offer you just a handful of the better ones and leave it up to you to supply some additional versions:

#1 The vitamin and mineral theory: As inthey’re not getting enoughtherefore they consume grass.

#2 The roughage theory: Because dogs need some cellulose in small quantities to aid in bacterial digestion (sort of like a prebiotic)they sometimes consume the green stuff by way of reestablishing bacterial homeostasis.

#3 The vomiting theory: To raise a little bile when something didn’t go down just rightthe nausea-inducing properties of grass are well-documented. Just eat a handful yourself if you don’t buy this logic.

#4 The angry tummy theory: If you had some excess gastric acidmaybe a little esophageal reflux and no prehensile thumbs with which to grab a bottle of Tums or a little Pepcid ACyou might just eat grasstoo.

#5 The hungry dog theory: Some dogs just like it. Period. We all know a few who doubtless do.


OKso those are my top five. Have any more possibilities to offer?


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