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Where did dogs come from?

Posted Aug 20 2010 3:16pm

Have you ever wondered where we dogs descended from? And while I can see this theory making a whole lot of sense, especially bepaws I consider myself and my fellow canines to be carnivores, needing to eat similar to our wolf ancestor/cousins I am not sure we weren’t just created as “dog” to begin with. But no matter where you stand on this, dogs are GREATLY similar in every respect to the gray wolf as you’ll read in the following article How Did Dogs Get to Be Dogs?

And knowing the GREAT similarities as the article states (and you can do a whole lot of research yourself to find out) between dogs and the gray wolf, has it ever occurred to the general human population that we dogs therefore should not be eating processed foods from bags and cans any more than you should be eating processed foods for your good health, but RATHER a diet that is GREATLY similar to the gray wolf??

But your veterinarians and of course the pet food industry itself is always going on about the “dangers” of raw food – hahahahaha – and how it’s supposedly much better to feed the “safe” (recalls abound) poop in a bag so we get a “balanced and complete” diet much to the increase of their bottom line and the decrease of our overall long-term good health, WOOF!

Come on humans, it’s time to stop letting your minds be so controlled with the illogic of it all. I mean what were pets eating a little over a hundred years ago hmmm BEFORE the junk food in bags and cans were sold and propagated as the end-all-be-all for dogdom health? Adolf Hitler said, “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough eventually the public believes it.” And you know what happened when people listened to that human!

Like Mulder always used to say on The X Files, the truth is out there – IF you want to KNOW it, WOOF!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

To learn more about how to feed your dog a REAL diet visit our page on our Raw Feeding Information Page or obtain a consultation with my human if you prefer having someone guide you.

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