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Where can we get our white face pup's eyes eye lids tatooed?

Posted by dmar

We just rescued this dog (9 months old) and were concerned about his pink rimmed eyes increasing his risk of developing skin cancer. I thought medical tatooing would be possible and when our vet said he had seen a few white faced pink skinned dogs tattooed, I became hopeful. But alas none of the animal eye care clinics nor the speciality clinics I called know anything about medical tatooing for dogs. We live in Ojai, just 15 miles north east of Ventura. Thank you for your help.cHARLIE'S PIK RIMMED EYES I CANNOT SEEM TO UPLOAD A PHOTO FOR YOU TO SEE :(
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You're close enough to the greater Los Angeles area that you should be able to find several medical tattoo artists.  Just now, looking on Google, I was able to find a few.

Helpful Buckeye

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